Virtual Environment Overview

QXTN Virtual Server environments are created within a private network connected to the Internet via a Fortigate firewall. We use private data links to connect WAN sites such as your main office, remote work spaces or branch sites into your servers without your data crossing the Internet. Regardless of which of QXTN’s datacentre your servers are based, your data is safe within an individualised virtual router system which makes sure your data stays safe, private and secure.

We use Fortigate firewall appliances to protect, filter and cleanse your interface into the Internet. These highly reliable and secure firewalls allow Internet filtering, intrusion reporting and VPN services to be customised according to your requirements.

Servers and services are hosted in both Brisbane and Sydney. The geographic separation is both benificial to our drive to replicate customer data and highly-available Internet service. We can locate all your services in either or both locations according to your requirements.

Virtual servers, WAN data links and Internet services are monitored on a continuous basis. We create a customer specific monitoring page which, by consultation, contains the information about your systems that you want to see. We can keep this as simple or detailed as you need.