Hosting your Healthcare and Law Solutions


QXTN Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in customised virtual and cloud hosting for medical and law practices. We own and manage our cloud infrastructure with all data stored within datacentres located in Australia. QXTN started in 2008 with one datacentre location and has since expanded along the eastern seaboard.

QXTN has a strong networks focus, originating from the early Australian ISP industry days. We build on that foundation with VMware and Linux-based cloud infrastructures. We maintain strong partnerships with VMware, Fortinet and Microsoft. We have added staff with long associations with medical practices to ensure we can assist with all major Medical management, RIS and PACS systems.

Our focus remains firmly on data resilience, security, safety and longevity. All of our system designs are first and foremost ensuring that client’s data will remain private, safe and retained.